Luke Collagen Hydrogel Eye Patch Review


Hello my princesses,

I’m here again with the product of i.e. “Luke Collagen Hydrogel Eye Patch”. You can also read my reviews of “Four Season Multi Vita Brightening Active Mask” and “Luke Mugwort Nose Cleansing Strip”.

So, as you all aware about of very well. They have a variety of skin care sheet masks, anti-wrinkle masks; skin tightening masks, etc from various brands like – Tony Moly, Innisfree, Four Seasons, Luke, etc. 


$1.80 (Rs 110)

How to use –

·                     After cleansing, dry your skin with a towel

·                     Apply your eye cream/essence before pasting the patch to the under eye area

·                     Peel of the patch and apply it onto the under eye area

·                     Leave it for 30 minutes and relax

·                     Remove the patch and no need to rinse your face



Like other products of skin18, Luke Collagen Hydrogel Eye Patch also comes in a travel friendly small sachet, which can be tearing off easily. Packaging looks very simple.


Inside Story-

Inside the sachet, two white crescent shaped patches are there which lined on a plastic sheet. The fragrance is pleasant.Personally I like it.

My Experience-

When I applied them after cleansing the under eye-area properly, I felt very cool and relax. But feel little stretchiness which little irritate me.

After 10-20 minutes, when I removed it from the corner, I felt my under eye area got tight, no more raccoon puffy eyes (wow!!) and I felt stress free.

It’s really a very convenient and easy way to get rid of puffy eyes without creating any mess. As it comes in a pocket travel friendly sachet so it’s very easy for carry anywhere.



– Mild and pleasant scent.

– Easy to tear packaging.

-Travel friendly sachet

– Adheres easily to the skin.

– Your under eye area feels instantly soothing and relaxing.

– Skin18 provides worldwide shipping!

– Does not feel heavy or sticky.

-Easy way to get rid of puffy eyes.



– Availability can be an issue; you would need to order it online only.

-As its international brand, shipping charges can be a headache for you.


Overall I’m quite happy for this product. It’s a gift for ridding my puffy eyes. So no more hiding my eyes under the shades. Yuppieeeee…Thank you for sending me awesome product.


Disclaimer –

This product is sent to me by but all my thoughts and views expressed about this product here are honest and genuine.


Hello to all my precious princesses,

Hope you all are as gorgeous as your heart.

Yesterday, I reviewed my first Skin18 product i.e. Luke Mugwort Nose Cleansing Strip  and here comes the another product of Skin18 sheet mask I received – “Four Season Multi Vita Brightening Active Mask”. After using it, I was keen to share my experience. Keep reading if you want to know how it gives result on me 🙂


Packaging –

As usual, “Four Season Multi Vita Brightening Active Mask” also comes in a travel friendly package, which can be tear off easily. Packaging looks very attractive. Background is pale yellow in color and cute fairies embellished on the package.



 $0.95 | INR 63.58 | Buy it HERE



  1 sheet mask with 23 ml serum



Inside’s Story-

When I tear the packet, I got one mask sheet with full of overloaded thick liquid. It smells very yummy. It comes in round shape with holes of eyes, nose and lips. Its very adjustable so well sets on my face.

How to use it-  After cleansing and toning well, I applied the mask. Due to overloaded essence liquid, I had to sit quietly (usually i do some other work while putting mask on) and relax for 20 minutes. As summers are going on, so cooling effect gives me awesome feeling. I saw that inside the sachet, still some essence left so I applied it on my hands, neck and little on ankles. After 20 minutes, when i feel it little dried, I removed the mask and massage for sometime till it absorbed.


My experience –

After massaging well, I rinsed my face as i feel little “chip-chip” (due to combination skin). I feel my face got flawless brightening, soft and smooth. As I applied it last night, the next morning i.e. today, I feel less glow as compared to yesterday. It means its awesomely working on one day, so take care the time when apply.


1) Sheet mask at affordable price

2) Gives a glow to skin

3) Rich in moisture

4) Highly enriched with serum

5) Inexpensive

6) Hydrates and Brightens Face

7) Very relaxing

8) Soothing



1) Might feel heavy for oily skin

2) One day glow only notice by me



This sheet mask is a great choice when it comes to weekend pampering. It softens skin and makes it supple and fresh. It can brighten dull face anytime. Since it’s affordable, you won’t be disappointed!



Thank you for sending me this product.



This product is sent to me by but all my thoughts and views expressed about this product here are honest and genuine.

Luke Mugwort Nose Cleansing Strip Review


Hello to all my beautiful princesses,

It’s been a very long time since I write something. Skin18 send me sample products so long but unfortunately due to some circumstances, I didn’t had a chance to write my reviews. Today, I’m going to review one of the awesome product of Skin18 i.e. Luke Mugwort Nose Cleansing Strip. It comes in two other variety of flavours like Charcoal and lemon tea.

nose strip

Appreance –

The Luke Mugwort Nose Cleansing Strip comes in a small sachet which contains one strip i.e. for one time use only. Once you open the sachet, you see the strip is securely attached with the thin plastic sheet which you need to peel off and put it on your nose very carefully according to your nose shape and “directions to use” given on the outer cover. The Nose Strip is light pale green colored and smelled like burnt paper or plastic. The smell didn’t linger on my nose though. The strip adhered to my nose pretty well.

Directions to use-

1. After cleansing, thoroughly wet your nose as the strip won’t stick on a dry nose.

2. Peel the strip off the plastic liner.

3. Apply to nose area, smooth side down, pressing down to ensure good contact with skin.

4. Let it dry for 10-20 minutes. The strip will begin feeling stiff when it is ready to remove.

5. Slowly and carefully peel off starting at the edges, pulling towards the centre.


Rs-43.70, US$0.65


You can buy it here – LUKE Mugwort Nose Cleansing Strip

My Experience-

I did exactly what is written on the sachet. I firstly clean my nose area very well and let it wet because as instructed, it won’t stick on a dry nose. If you feel that it is not stick on the nose properly, then after applying the strip, just drizzle the water on the nose and make sure your nose gets wet evenly. Then adjust the strip according to your nose. It might take little time as some of have wider or narrow nose. Once it gets done, I kept it on my nose for 15 minutes. In this duration, I feel little stretching feeling. As soon as it’s drying, Stretchiness increases, so I started pulling it out from the edges which is not an easy for me… (Feels like band-aid … LOL!!)


After removal of strip, I saw dead skin, white heads and all dirt comes out from my nose and sticked on the strip (as I had no blackheads). I went through after removing the strip I had that sticky liquid on my nose which I removed by cleansing again, since it was quite sticky it cannot be removed with water only. After all that cleansing and toning, lastly I moisturised my nose with a gentle moisturizer.

I feel my nose very clean and smooth. It’s an easy and convenient process instead of pressing your nose and try to remove all gunks out from nose…eeewwww…very hurtful process.

But I have also some whiteheads on the corners of the nose, which didn’t clean up as the nose strip’s length is limited. So I feel that at least two nose strip should be comes in the sachet instead of one. Overall I find this product very convenient, easy, and time saving and give awesome result.


1)Very affordable Removes dirt and blackheads and open up the pores

2)Comes in three variety of flavours

3)Very convenient

4)Easy to use

5)Time saving

6) Effortless process


1) One strip is not enough to get the squeaky cleaned nose, you would need at least two

2) Availability can be an issue, you would need to order it online only.

3) As its international brand, shipping charges can be a headache for you.


Overall, I love this product. Thank you for sending me such an awesome product to try.


This product is sent to me by but all my thoughts and views expressed about this product here are honest and genuine.

Make Your MakeUp DIY Products!!


Harsh chemicals in your makeup products can completely ruin your skin. The better way to protect your skin from this mess is to simply go with nature and stay organic as much you can. Building a proper skin routine and strictly following it is a must if you have great skin goals. It’s so important to look at the proper ingredients before trying out any makeup product on your skin. Most of the products come along with chemicals used as preservatives like parabens which are extremely harmful to your skin.


Here we avoiding those chemical-based products and recommend you to go for a complete organic skin routine which works great without damaging your skin even a bit. Here’s the better alternative for your makeup products that is all natural and fresh.

1. Beetroot Blush All Organic:


Beetroot is a magical vegetable for your skin and health benefits. If taken in your diet for longer time, it can make your skin glow from within and will improve your skin texture as well. If a slice of beetroot is rubbed gently on the apples of your cheeks, it will make your skin glow like a star that’s the simplest and cheapest blush you can use. Without a trace of chemical, your organic blush will make your skin pinkish just like you wanted.


2. Olive Oil As Makeup Remover:


Use olive oil for removing makeup from all your face and moisturizing it at the same time. If you are oily skinned beauty don’t stress at all about using oils as it will not cause any breakout instead helps in reduction of oil production from your skin. And its makeup removing capabilities are impeccable.


3. Homemade Black Liner:

Mix some activated charcoal for black colour or cocoa powder for the brown liner. Mix it with Vaseline petroleum jelly which is super hydrating for skin and store the mixture in a small jar. Your gel liner is ready to add up in your stock.


4. Natural Homemade Foundation:


Mix arrowroot powder with nutmeg and cocoa powder. Mix it with coconut or almond oil which will keep your skin hydrated and helps it in glowing from within. Mix the entire mixture and store it safely. You can decide the quantity on the basis of your skin tone. You can make changes in the ingredients until you get a foundation matching your skin colour the most. The product is all organic and you can store it for 2-3 months and can prepare a fresher stock afterward.


Even if you are buying any makeup or skincare product you should see the ingredient list carefully, look for paraben free and products made of all organic active ingredients which gives you great skin without any damage.


This article is written by Pooja Sharma, Fashion and lifestyle writer at which is an online recommendation engine for the girls in the age group 16-30, where you can choose from the best products that suit you the most which are chosen by the top stylists from the top retailers.


P.S. – Thank you Pooja Sharma ma’am Fashion and lifestyle writer at for submitting your article in . We always look forward for your lovely support. Thank you 

Eve:The Pink Tag- Instagram’s Subscription Box


Hello to all my beautiful princesses,

As you all know that i’m beauty subscription lover and shopaholic.. I love to search / discover new subscription boxes coming in town.. So, today also i’m with a new new subscription box “EVES: THE PINK TAG“which is more curated, less subscription box..which i found on instagram..



One month Pink box starts at Rs 300. You will get two items. You can let us know your choice and preferences. Your skin type and any specification if you have. We will try to cater to your needs in our Pink box. Exclusive of shipping. Rs 100 extra for shipping all over India. COD only available in hyderabad. 1. Chose your subscription plan. 2 . Call and confirm your booking. 3. Send in your personal and contact details. 4. Let us know your skin type , likes, dislikes, choices and preferences. 5. Go ahead and spoil your self. Receive your Pink box and pamper yourself.  You can customise your pink box. By letting us know the Number of items you want. What items you want. -cosmetics -haircare -skincare -fragrances -oudh -candles -attars -accessories -jewellery – stationary (remember everything you will receive is going to be super cute ) you can give customised messages to add to the box. For gifting purpose. (Charges applicable) T&C apply.

First Impression:-

 I love their concept of all natural products including in their products. No threat of harmful chemicals like Parabens, SLS, etc.. They offer every month different packaging and trust me princesses, all looks so adorable..

This month, they send me beautiful pink heart shaped box, in which 5-7 products includes. I chose hair care and beauty theme, so according to my priority they send me worthy products..I choose 1000/- Box + 100/- shipping.

Let’s see what I got inside in it…

1)   IMG_beautypedia1

Rayaan’s Bhringraj Power

– Its MRP is Rs.100/- mentioning on the package. The net weight is 100gms. It’s a pure bhringraj powder which helps to nourish our hairs and maintain our scalp healthy…Its pure and natural. It can be use either with coconut oil or water, make a paste and apply all over the scalp. Rinse hair after sometime and it will help to rejuvenate the hair and scalp.


IBA Halal Care Blue Lotus roll on perfume-

  IBA care is a brand so no needs to introduce its awesome quality. I got blue lotus roll on perfume, which has awesome long lasting fragrance and its alcohol free. Its MRP is Rs.135/- mentioning on the package and the net weight is 10ml.

3)   IMG_beautypedia2

IBA Halal Care Hair Fall Oil Therapy Oil-


OMG!! That’s I truly want for my dull and fizzy hairs because monsoon makes our hairs “chip-chip”, greasy, dull and lifeless…It contains super poweful ingredients like kalonji, amla, aloe and neem whichquickly penetrates the scalp, nourishing hair from within and effectively preventing hair fall. Its net weight is 200ml and price is Rs.195/-


Mango handmade soap-

 As EVES: THE PINK TAG claims that all their products are natural and all edible ingredients are used in their products. They said true!!! The mango flavoured handmade soap looking so cute and fresh that I can’t resist myself to smell it again and again…Seems sooo yummiee but unfortunately i can’t eat it… LOL!! It’s beautiful yellow rose in shape and its MRP is Rs.150/-


Just Herbs Sun Protection Gel-

It’s a cute little plastic bottle which contains creamish gel. It smells like Johnson n’ Johnson baby cream and its really very effective on skin. It’s suitable for oily to combination skin. Its MRP is rs.100/- and net weight is 35gm.


Just Herbs Face Cleansing Gel-

>It also comes in a plastic bottle. Inside it, all visible particles of neem and tusli can clearly visible. It’s suitable for oily to combination skin. But it can be use twice a week because of its powerful ingredients. Its MRP is rs.100/- and net weight is 35gm.

7)   IMG_beautypedia3

Davis Perfect Liner pencil 3 in 1 –

I got sea green color’s liner pencil which looking sooo cute and smooth in application. But it not seems smudge free. Can be use regularly without any harm. Its MRP is Rs.100/- and net weight is 1.75gms.


Classic colors Eye Liner-

I got ultra green color which glides superbly on eye and not irritates on skin. Its MRP is Rs.150/-


Laurel Lip Definer pencil-

Its MRP is Rs.100 and I got reddish mauve color which is best suitable for Indian women. It’s also very smooth and glides like butter.


Beaded Bracelet –

I got colourful beaded bracelet which looks so trendy. It can be use as necklace. Its MRP is Rs.100/-. I also got a puff which is very useful for blending makeup.

So, that’s all about the awesome products.


My Experience-

All products are worth of money. The plus point is all products are natural, vegan, handmade, chemicals free and makes our skin supple and soft. I recommend all to once try all products and then you’ll automatically know its benefits.



Hello to all my gorgeous princesses, here we go for our challenging giveway..

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10) By entering ,you agree to the rules.All participants are requested to read all the details carefully; no clarification will be given later.
11) If in case,any confusion occurs, please contact me 

12) Now the challenging part…Post on original post only once that…i) Share your dream, what you wanna become when you were a child, ii)Suggest one topic which you want to see in beautypedia’s next article section, and iii)Why you like/love Beautypedia ?


All the best to yaa…<3


What’s in my Sugarbox- Summer Romance Edition 2016?


Hello to all my princesses,

I’m back again! In this summer, Sun is also gonna kinda romantic and flirty with us. In this heat, even our “so called” sunscreen with SPF and scarf not working properly and we also look awesome because sun’s heat can’t ruin our personality…We wanna look stylish, chick, gorgeous, awesome, attractive, fashionable. So, what should we do now? All problems? ONE SOLUTION- SUGARBOX

Sugarbox makes this thing simple. Sugarbox – Summer Romance Edition 2016 is the answer of all problems. Sugarbox is the first subscription box who doesn’t believe in sending samples. Sugarbox always send full sized products.  It contains the latest international offerings in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and gourmet products at your doorstep, every month .Offers unique variants of the box every time, current variants- Sugarbox Launch Box ,Christmas Sugarbox, High Street Edition, Valentine edition, Beach Edition, Girls Night in Edition, Spring Edition, Red Carpet Edition, Monsoon Edition, Hot Mess Edition, Pepperbox- Men’s Edition, Desi Pop Edition, Bomb Edition, Anniversary Edition, Holiday Edition, Picnic Couch Edition, Date night Edition, and now latest SUMMER ROMANCE EDITION.

I love this box coz I wonder how many awesome and full sized products like bag, flip flops, selfiestick, tees or many more items comes in a lil’ cute ribbon box with a tag- “SPOIL YOURSELF SILLY” 😀

Its’ lil heavy of your pocket, but if international brands are here, then not to fear. 😉

 This summer, have a romance with yourself. Sugarbox provide you all you need to dress up in flirty spring attire. So what are you waiting for? Flaunt the love!


So, now just Unboxing Sugarbox- Summer Romance Edition 2016…Check it out-

You Get:

1)Rose gold Headband- 

This is lovely stretchable stylish headband which suits all of us makes us fashionable. Just open your hair and tie this lovely rose gold headband. I bet everyone get jealous and regret why they don’t have it. Its MRP is Rs 350.


2) Tang Juice Mix –

Sugarbox always send some food items in every edition. In this summer, we all need instant energy for getting rid of lethargic feeling and dehydration. Sugarbox providing us Tang Juice Mix which not only quench our thrust but also gets us relief from this hot environment and we’ll go “chill-pill babe”. Its MRP is Rs 125.


3) Chic fedora hat –

 OMG!! Nothing is more stylish and protective like fedora hat. It’s awesome and fashionable. The quality is also great. I’m very happy to have it. I got brown color fedora hat with black ribbon on it. Its MRP is Rs 550


4) Charming charm bracelets –

Which girl in this universe don’t having the secret love of charming bracelets? I love bracelets because they look so pretty and charming. Thank you Sugarbox for providing me such a cute bracelet. This bracelet contains golden base with cute pearl, sandal, no.5 embellished in it, which enhances its beauty. Its MRP is Rs 650


5) Off shoulder ruffle top –

 Wow, crop top. It’s hot pinkish-red in color. It’s an off shoulder ruffle top which is best for this summer. Kinda pretty…haan?? Its MRP is Rs 650


6) Gold Chain tote bag –

Oh!! I love bags, and this one is soooooo adorable. Telling you all true princesses, the quality of this Gold Chain tote bag is outstanding and it’s so gorgeous to taking with me out. Fall in love with it. The tote bag is lil’ creamish in color. Its MRP is Rs 1450


Dear Sugarbox, how you arrange all these great stuff in one magical box? Hats off…!!

7) Pumpskin face wash (60ml) –

Last product I got is Pumpskin face wash. It is made from pumpkin and other natural ingredients which makes our skin more supple and hydrated. It’s pale yellow in color and smells adorable. Its MRP is Rs 250


SO, this is it.

My Experience-

All products in this time are so adorable. The total Value of whole box is Rs 4025 But Sugarbox providing you all products in 1899/- only. So, you gonna save Rs 2126. Wow!! Isn’t sounds great. So go and grab your Sugarbox- Summer Romance Edition 2016 NOW…You can get this Edition from here


Beautypedia Rating- 5/5

How to do mini Facial or clean up of face at home !!!


Hello my beautiful princesses,

A healthy skin leads to make ourselves self-confident. Time to time we exfoliate/ clean our skin in healthy ways by which we maintain our personality as well as beautiful skin. Today, I’m going to tell you all about easy and simple steps of doing mini facial or cleanup at home without spending a lot of money on facials at parlour as well as facial kits. For the mini facial or cleanup of face, we require following things-

ü  A hair band of cloth or plastic

ü  A small towel

ü  Cotton or soft cloth

ü  A face wash or good quality cleanser

ü  Face Bleach (optional)

ü  Scrubber

ü  Blackhead removing tool (optional)

ü  Moisturizing massage cream

ü  Face pack

ü  Daily moisturizing Face cream

The mini facial is very simple. Don’t get scared to see the list. Just follow the simple steps.

So, here we go…



The first step is cleaning your face because if we start our facial directly on the unclean surface of skin, result would get not as desirable as we want. Put hair band to tie up your hairs, because you don’t want to fair your hairs…right!!! 😀 I usually clean the face with Ponds’ whitening face wash. If you have good cleanser, then you can also go for it. But remember…

v  The quantity of face wash/ cleanser should be small.

v  The time taken to cleaning the face should be 1 or 2 minutes maximum.

v  Clean the face with face wash / cleanser with enough quantity of water.

v  Clean face, not to forget to clean your ears and neck.

After washing the face, either press gently your face with clean, dry and soft towel or let it dry naturally. Meanwhile, prepare for STEP 2.



This step is optional because if you have 5-10 minutes extra from your busy schedule and wanna put bleach for fair skin, then go for this step. I prefer Fem bleach (with saffron – fair skin). You can use any bleach which suits your skin type. Bleach is only fair your facial hairs by burn them, that’s why you feel little burning sensation, irritation or some gets redness. So always check bleach before putting directly on the face. When my face is getting naturally dry, I start preparing mixture by 2 scoops of Fem bleach cream with a pinch of activator. But remember-

v  The quantity of activator should be small or pinch because if you add more activator, your skin will feel burning or causing more irritation.

v  If you feel extreme irritation, remove the bleach immediately.

v  The time taken for bleaching is 5-10 minutes.

v  Avoid bleach near the eyes, eyebrows, lips, ears and hairs.

v  Put bleach cream evenly on face as well as neck area.

 After 5-10 minutes, the bleaching cream getting dry then firstly you start cleaning gently your face and neck via wet cotton balls. When bleach cream removes completely, then one more time wash your face with water. Dry your face with soft towel. Take rest your face for 2-3 minutes before go to STEP 3 because your skin is little irritating. If you start immediately STEP 3, then you feel awesome burnness on face. So wait for 2-3 minutes.



Scrub only meant for removes the dirt and opens your clogged pores. I use Himalaya’s apricot face scrub because its scrubber particles are small and gentle on face. You can go for Inatur strawberry scrub or Nivea scrub for smooth and gentle skin. I use scrub after bleach because the bleach cream may covers all pores of my skin and for healthy skin; we need to open our clogged pores for breathing our skin.

v  Scrub particles should be small because large particles may hurt your baby soft skin.

v  Time taken for scrub should be 5-6 minutes.

v  Always take sufficient amount of scrub and put lots of water while scrubbing. If you scrub with little amount of water or with no water, the scrub particles gives rashes to your baby skin.

v  Always move your fingers in circular motion. By this, you will easily open all clogged pores.

v  Scrub face, ears as well as neck also. Don’t put scrub on your eyelashes.

After scrubbing, wash for face gently and dry your face and neck with soft towel. If you have black or white heads on your nose, then this is the right time to remove them because in this time, your skin becomes very soft. Use black heads removing tool. If you don’t have this tool, then squeeze little your nose to remove them or scrub little your nose with dry towel. You will easily remove your black or white heads.


After scrubbing, your pores are now opens. So for relaxing the skin, I use Joy fruit moisturizing massage cream. You can use any moisturizing massage cream which suits your skin.

v  Use plenty moisturizing massage cream and put gently over face, neck and ears till it gets absorbed by the skin.

v  Let rest your skin for 5 minutes. After that, use little amount of water and again start rub your face. This will help your skin buttery and glossy.

v  After 2-3 minutes, wash the moisturizing cream and let dry your face naturally.


Face pack helps to smoothing our skin as well as it stretches our skin in correct way. I prefer Himalaya’s mud face pack or Sea soul mud face pack.

v  Put a thin layer of face pack all over your face and neck. Avoid eye ball, eyebrows and lips areas. If you put face pack on your lips, it converts your lips dry. If you put it very near to eyebrows and eye ball area, face pack gives them wrinkles.

v  While putting face pack don’t smile or move your jaw muscles because it gives wrinkles to your face.

v  After drying the face pack, wash your face and neck gently and removes the pack with circular motion. This movement helps your facial skin relaxation from tightness and helps easily removing the face pack.

v  Pat dry your face and neck with soft towel.

beautypedia_facial wash


This is the last step of mini facial or clean up of the face. Never forget to apply moisturizing face cream after facial because face cream works wonder for smooth, buttery and glossy skin. It works icing on the cake. I use Inveda moisturizing face cream. You can use your daily face cream.

Time taken for whole process is 20-30 minutes. You can shorten this time period by skipping the STEP 2 that is BLEACHING.

Hope this article helps you to get flawless, healthy and beautiful skin. If you get any queries about facials, please ask me freely…

Lots of love…



What’s in my MSM Box –May 2016 Edition

Hello to all my beautiful princesses,

Yesterday, I got my MSM Box (So fast delivery!! yayyy!!!!) I love how MSM Box always pampers and surprise me… So, let’s open the suspense and see what’s inside the MSM Box –May 2016 Edition.

It contains-


v  Sara Herbals Photoderm SPF 30+ Moisturizer cream- Oh wow!! I got full size product which costs is INR.275/- This is very light weight moisturizing cream which is awesome for this hot weather.

v  Saante Luxurious Rose Lip Balm- Again I got full size product. Its MRP is INR. 250/- I got this product in previous MSM Box-Rose Edition. Believe me princesses, this lip balm is so hydrating for lips that once applied, so it remains whole day and its fragrance is full of roses with essential oils, which makes it super duper hit.

v  Natural Bath & Body “Skin & Scent” Duo- I got its sample. It’s a roll on deo and fragrance contains full of flowers…so lovely! Its MRP is neither mentioned in card nor on the product.

v  Soul Tree Soap Free Face Wash “Amrita”- Again this is a sample size chhotu 30ml bottle. This face wash is pale yellow in color and suitable for oily to combination skin. Perfect for this chip chip wali summer. The full size 120ml costs around INR 295/-

v  Yves Rocher Sebo Vegetal Trio- This brand is new for me. This trio is suitable for oily to combination skin .MSM Box gives these sample trios in cute mesh bag. This trio contains-

a)    Purity Mask (Full Size 75ml@INR 1000/-)

b)   Mattifying Gel (Full Size 50ml@INR 850/-)

c)    Zero Blemish Gel Cream (Full Size 50ml@INR 800/-)

v  Natural Bath & Body foot & hand cream- MSM Box forget to mention this awesome cream in their description card. I used it before and it’s really works on chapped hands and foot and makes them buttery smooth and healthy. It’s a sample size product.

My Experience- So, this magical MSM Box –May 2016 Edition contains 2 full size and 4 sample size products which is ideal for this summer. I love all the products of this month’s box. I’m totally happy with this month’s MSM Box. I totally recommended this month’s MSM Box for all. Go for it.



Beautypedia Rating – 5 out of 5.

MTV MUAH by Blue Heaven Lipstick Review

MTV MUAH by Blue Heaven Lipstick Review

Hello everyone,

We all know about the famous MTV channel but many of us don’t really know about the Blue Heaven cosmetics brand. Blue heaven is a cosmetic brand who was not able to succeed much and their products are also rarely available.

But recently MTV and blue heaven collaborated together to make a brand called MTV MUAH which sells different cosmetics which are very budget friendly.  One such product is this lipstick which I really liked a lot.

Read on to know more about my experience with this product.

Product Description:

 beautypedia_MTV MUAH by Blue Heaven Lipstick Review

MTV MUAH by Blue Heaven Lipstickoffers nice coverage in just one sweep. It protects lips from harmful sun rays and prevents from drying.


It has many different shades to choose from. The one I have has shade LS-01 which is nice baby pink color. It is suitable for both day as well as night look.



Directions of Usage:


First outline your lips with lip liner. Then apply lipstick evenly all over your lips either directly or by using a brush.


Price and quantity:

Price is Rs.89/- for net weight 2.5gm.


Personally I didn’t liked its packaging much, as it is made up of very cheap materials.

It has a very simple packaging. It comes in a black twisted tube with transparent plastic outer covering.

Lipstick is in very small size which makes it quite handy and travel friendly. Also caps shut in properly, so there is no chances of breakage.


It has a very soft and smooth texture. It glides easily on lips and is very easy to use.

images_MTV MUAH by Blue Heaven Lipstick Review

Pros of Lipstick:


·  Stays for longer duration.

·  It has very soft and smooth texture.

·  It is long lasting.

·  Gives nice creamy finish.

·  It is handy and travel friendly.

·  Has different shades to choose from.

·  Budget friendly.

Cons of Lipstick:

·  Cheap packaging.

·  Shelf life and ingredients are not mentioned.

My Experienceof Lipstick:

MTV MUAH has launched many different shades of lipstick. They have options varying from light shades to bold shades.

I received this lipstick as a gift. And I loved this shade. It is nice baby pink color which I easily wear every day to my office. Also I sometimes wear it in outings with friends.

Overall I liked this lipstick. It stays on lips for quite longer time duration and makes lips look soft and smooth. It glides on easily and provide a nice texture.

At this price rate, I am quite satisfied with its quality and quantity.



3 Out of 5


By-Ankita Agarwal