What’s in my Being Juliet Period Box October 2015 ?


‘Being Juliet’ is for all females, who want to pamper themselves during those days, Team ‘Being Juliet’ will send you your monthly supplies 5 days prior to your cycle to ensure you don’t have to look for last minute trips.
You can customize your selection of 20 pads/tampons/panty liners & to lift your mood with each pack we send you few thoughtful gifts & other goodies every month, month on month, 5 days prior to your cycle at your door steps!! Rashi Bajaj created Being Juliet, a unique portal launched with the sole objective of pampering ladies during their monthly cycle.


Subscription Mode–  Quarterly (INR 1,650), 6 monthly (INR 3,300) and Yearly (INR 6,600). You can subscribe the box here

This month, the box contains-


  1.       Pain Reliever of the month
  2.   Saunf – Simply boil these and drink the water throughout the day. This will help you prevent bloating, flatulence and help digestion.
  3. TE-A-ME – Handpicked tealeaves from the tea gardens. The flavor provides excellent antioxidants and helps in reliving bloating.



  1. Sanitation Essential
  2.  PeeBuddy is India’s first Urination Device using which females can STAND & PEE in all dirty/unfriendly toilets, while BeingJuliet will try to save you the effort during Periods, PeeBuddy will come to your rescue in those bad toilets. Use this on the move (Long haul Flights/Concerts/Treks/Pregnancy/Arthritis etc)


  1. Beauty Essentials


  1. Gold Face Wash – This face wash will make your skin glowing and smooth with gold radiance on your face.


  1. Lip Balm from Nature Essence – Cute tube , easy to carry , easy to use and chocolate flavour (yummm..) . It won’t let your lips dry.


  1. Coloressence Blusher  – This natural tone powder purple colored blusher adorns your skin with a velvety effect.


Sanitary which I choose from the mentioned list (i.e. leading branded pads/tampons/ panty liners)


Mood lifter- I got beautiful MEENAKAARI EARRINGS which really lift my mood..

Now that’s called PAMPERING :* .. love it <3


My Experience- I love the concept of having sanitary before periods + awesome mood lifters, beauty essentials, pain reliever and hygiene. As this is my 2nd box of subscription, thinking to renew the box because its sooo lovely to being pampered in these days 😛 You can also share your views in the “comment” section and can buy it from here. <3

About the Author: Avni

Teacher and management student by profession but a beauty savvy by heart like every girl is so.love to know different and new things. Eager to learn always :)

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