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Jergens is the normal moisturising cream which can be used for daily routine.Its not a indian product though.I was gifted by my aunt after her vacation from dubai.I was definitely taken back by after my first use of the product.It all happened that  after I washed my face, took a bit of the Jergens ultra healing cream in my palm and slowing rubbed it over my face, hands and legs..I felt it so soothing when I applied on my face..It doesn’t have any oilyness or is neither stickyness.Once applied it dries leaving your skin good and fresh..As a teenager I was prone to acne which left behind with those ugly scars I could say..And definitely  have tried 101 remedies to get rid of them but of no gain though.So I started to apply “Jergens ultra healing”sometimes during the day and sometimes before I go off to sleep.And after a few weeks  my friends had come up to me telling  that my skin looks gorgeous and those marks have been vanishing. .It made me confident to a great amount and thanks to dear aunt hilda for getting me a trustworthy product. 
That’s my story about how I actually got healed.

Let’s move on to its main ingredients 
Water, glycerin, cetegrayl alcohol, petroleum, strearic acid, carbometer, fragrances etc..
Main benefit is moisturizers, restores skin deeply, healthier skin..The unique formula as enriching vitamin C, E, B5.penetrates through 5 layers of the skin to skins surface to repair, heal and deeply nourishes the pores.

It doesn’t have any side effects..
Also available in Jergens soothing aloe if you are interested in aloe product . Trust me its a must try product


By-Shruti Mathew

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