Benefit of BB and CC creams

Today I am going to share the benefit of using BB and CC creams .

Blemish balms or BB cream are very popular these days .
We can get BB creams from various brands in market .
They are basically Foundation + Moisturizer + sunscreen all packed in a single product.

Benefits of BB cream :

1.Gives light coverage and evens the skin tone .
2.Acts  as a sunscreen so one does not needs to put another sunscreen cream .
3.It moisturizes the skin .
4.Regular usage improves the skin tone .
5.Gives no make up or minimal make up look .

One can find BB creams from various famous brands in market like Ponds BB cream , Maybelline BB cream , Body shop BB, Garnie BB  cream etc .
One needs to test and find which one suits their skin best and then continue using that .
I have used Ponds BB cream ,Garnie BB Cream ,  Maybelline BB cream .

My skin is oily and I found Ponds BB cream most suitable for my skin type .
It is light weight and blends well .It has SPF 30 which is very good and regular usage improves skin tone .
Maybelline BB cream is ok , its SPF value is 21 .
My experience with Garnie BB cream was not too good .
Honestly I did not like it .
CC creams are Colour Correcting Creams .
They are meant to cover uneven skin tone and dark spots .

I have used Lakme CC cream its good .
It has SPF 20 and gives medium coverage .
I have used this product for several months , its good , the only thing I disliked is one need to massage it quite for a long time to get it blend completely in skin .
It gives a soft matte finish and is good for everyday wear .
Its best suited for normal to combination skin , for dry skin one needs to add moisturizer to it or apply moisturizer first then this CC cream .

Difference between BB and CC creams 

1.CC creams have lighter texture then BB creams .
2.CC creams gives a semi matte look where as BB cream gives between matte and dewy look .
3.CC creams are more hydrating then BB creams .
4.BB creams are for younger skin where as CC creams are for older skin .

Advantages of using BB and CC Creams 

1.One can use a single product either a BB or CC cream which will do work for 3 products like Moisturizer , foundation and sunscreen , thus saving money and time .
2.Regular usage of a good BB or CC cream helps to improve skin tone .
3.Most of these  creams are suitable for daily use and their pack is Travel Friendly so one can easily carry it in their bag or purse .
4.Most of these creams contain Vitamin E , C ,A which has anti ageing properties .
5.Most of these creams are in affordable range . They are not very expensive , so any one can buy and use .

Hope you all enjoyed reading this post and found it useful .
Ghazala Naseem 

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