Kitchen Secrets Tips

Kitchen Secrets Tips

As day by day our food items prices  getting high & high in the sky so it is our primary duty to save our food as in our  Indian culture it is known as Purna Bramha (food). So here today I m gonna to share with you how to make yummy food from leftover food as well as to make tasty food from fresh food items too. so my dear freindsz lets go into the kitchen world a place where we can make our daily food & quenches our taste buds.

Here me & my Kitchen Secrets Tips Hope u to will try to follow it.  I believe spices adds more falvour into your life.

Kitchen Secrets Tips


1)      If you add ½ teaspoon sugar in the Subji of Cabbage i.e. Patta kobhi its natural green colour remain intact after cooking & taste of subji will be yummy.

2)      After making the pieces of lady finger add 1 tea spoon lemon juice so as  to remove its stickiness & subji will be crispy.

3)      While making besan i.e. gram flour bhajiya add coarse paste of Jeera i.e. cumin seeds & garlic flakes. To make tasty bhajiya.

4)        While making halwa of semolina i.e rava we roast it so while roasting add 1 big spoon of gram flour ie. Besan powder so the taste of Halwa become mouth watering.

5)         When washing of green lentil pulse let it dry & then roast it once you used this roasted pulse to make any dish it will be more tastier.

6)      While making dal of green lentil used along with its our skin too & when seasoning add 8-10 curry leaves to enhance its flavor.

7)      When make a dough for puri add little semolina i.e. rava which helps puri to remain fluffy for longer time & tasty.


8)      Use non stick pans to cook  food though they are little costly but need small quantity of oil while making subji or any dish as compare to common aluminium utensils. Escape us from getting fatty.

9)      Roast phulka or roti on high flame so as to make them light to delight us.

10)    Sprinkle little oil over papad & then roast it it gives taste like fried papad & maintain our cholesterol level.

11)  One can enhance & regain the taste& fragrance of stored Clarified Butter i.e. Ghee by adding fresh lemon leaves into it.

12)  Keep fried kofta aside let it cool & then put it into refrigerator for few minutes & then only add into gravy of kofta so tht it will not get soft quickly with gravy.

13)  Dip fried Paneer into the warm water of Turmeric it remains shiny & soft for long hour.

14)   Make churma of left over chapatis’ or grind it into mixer so as to make coarse powder of it. Take 2 teaspoon ghee in a utensil on low flame melt it & add grated dry coconut, poppy seeds shallow fry it, add churma & mix it properly, at last sugar as per your need remove utensil & make laddu you can add dry fruits too to make  more tastier. 


By- Sujata Bansod

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