Night Skin Care Regime

During the day time we do lots of things for our skin to make it look flawless and radiant .
We maintain  morning skin care regime , we apply face masks , scrubs , sheet masks etc .
We apply so much of moisturizers , creams , make up products to look good .
But many of  us do not maintain proper night care regime which is as important as morning skin care regime .
During night not only our mind and body takes rest but also our skin takes some rest .
A proper Skin care regime at night can do wonder to our skin .
Steps to Maintain Night Skin Care Regime :

1.Remove all makeup with a good make up remover  before going to bed .
One can use olive oil or coconut oil as a makeup remover to remove all traces of makeup including the eye makeup.
So if you do not have expensive make up removers simply use a coconut oil in a cotton pad and remove all makeup .
2.Wash your face with a good face wash  depending on  your skin type .
3.Apply a good Night cream .
I use Garnie Night cream as it suits my skin , it suitable for oily skin .
One can test and find which suits  their skin and use that .
A good night cream helps to repair and rejuvenate the skin while we sleep , so our skin feels and looks fresh in the morning .
4.Use a clean pillow cover or else a dirty one can cause acnes or pimples problem .
5.Use an eye cream for problems like dark circles ,puffiness.


 According to research new skin cells grow faster when we sleep .
At night the goal is to repair from damage from pollution , sun , stress , applying too of make up etc.
So an evening or night facial routine is must which helps to rejuvenate our skin .

Some overnight masks are there which when used does wonder to our skin .
One can use ready to use night masks or can prepare one at home .

Benefits of using overnight masks :

1.Gives your skin deep hydration .
2.Moisturizes the skin .
3.Exfoliates and brightens the skin .
4.Undo and repair daily skin damage .

Some DIY Night masks :

1.One teaspoon tomato juice with one teaspoon honey makes an excellent night masks .
Tomato juice helps to tightens the skin .
This mask is for all skin type.

2 Two teaspoon of oats with two teaspoon of honey makes a good mask, which can be applied on face and left overnight , needs to be washed properly in he morning .
 This is for all skin type.

The most important of all theses is To Be Happy and Relaxed and a Have a Good Night sleep .
 As if one is relaxed and has a good sleep then one feels fresh in the morning and its effect reflects on ones face .

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Teacher and management student by profession but a beauty savvy by heart like every girl is to know different and new things. Eager to learn always :)

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