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Vana Italian Bergamot Luxury Summer Shimmer Review

Hello princesses, how’s everything going on? September near to end but still weather is as hot as summer.  It’s very hard to go out with bare hands. Have to cover hands, feet and our face. Sunscreen are plays a vital role during summer because it protects us against tanning.

Today I’m reviewing about Vana Italian Bergamot Luxury Summer Shimmer Sunscreen Lotion, which I get in My Fab Bag Red Carpet Edition 2015 as a sample. So, let’s talk about it –

About Vana Italian Bergamot Luxury Summer Shimmer Sunscreen Lotion

The product claims 100% Paraben free, 100% Vegan Lotion. A divine blend of 10 Natural and Essential oils, which feels you like you are wearing twinkle on your body.

While the summer fills the veins with its light and the noon washes the heart with its beams, we bring to you midsummer divinity with VANA. Wear a twinkle on your Body, just like the starry skies enter the lit sky, with our delicate Italian Bergamot Luxury Summer Shimmer Sunscreen. With a luxurious blend of 10 Natural and Essential Oils snuggled with Glimmer and Luster, we welcome you to experience your Seventh Heaven, with VANA from Saint Pure. A Natural Sunscreen that coats the Body with Gloss and Scintillation, making the skin so soft to touch and divine to caress, you not only will protect yourself from the ray’s of the smiling sun, but will also pamper your body beautifully, with its content of luxurious Herbal Extracts, and the undoubted Paraben Free nature of this luxe Sunscreen.


Carrot Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Sesame Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Cedar Essential Oil, Olive Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Bergamot Essential Oil, Thyme Oil, Xanthan Oil, E Wax, Xanthan Gum, Liquorice Extract, Vegetable derivated Cethyl Alcohol, Phenoxythanol Vegetable Glycerin, Purified Water, Cosmetic Grade skin Safe Shimmer.

Vana Italian Bergamot Luxury Summer Shimmer Sunscreen Lotion comes in a tiny plastic bottle with a golden cap is a tiny beauty itself. And the product inside is just amazing. As the name suggests, this sunscreen has an ayurvedic aroma. and containing creamish shimmerish thick lotion in it.



INR 1,250 for 60gms. You can buy it from here.


Directions To Use-

Puncture the inner stopper And shake the bottle before each use. Apply over shoulders, collar bone and décolleté. Lightly dust over legs for a subtle sheen.


My Experience-

When I Go to the marriage function or in any party, I apply little lotion onto my hands (because I wore saree and face makeup cover the neck area also).  I felt it bit of heavy on my skin because of oily skin or might be due to its thick liquid shimmer. This is sure to be a winter delight. It doesn’t cause irritation but personally I feel little heaviness and heat. But when I gave it to my sister, she felt nothing like what I felt. So, it may be depending on person to person. Results vary.

Pros of Vana Italian Bergamot Luxury Summer Shimmer Sunscreen Lotion:

1) Paraben Free and Vegan
2) It’s made of Natural Ingredients and Essential oils.
3) It’s moisturising and non sticky.
4) Will be good product to use on legs to get the sexy legs look at night.
5) Protects from sun.

Cons of Vana Italian Bergamot Luxury Summer Shimmer Sunscreen Lotion:

1) It has a really strong herb smell which a lot of people might not like.
2) The shimmer looks so over the top specially when out in the sun.
3) The shimmer gets all over the place even on face and it looks so weird.
4) Shimmer on face might get into pores and can result in pimples.

Should I Repurchase It?

Maybe because I’m not so much fond about these glittery shiny shimmer lotions so I don’t think about to repurchase.

Beautypedia Rating-

4 out of 5