What’s in my MSM Box September 2015 Edition?

Hello beauties..How’s’ yaa all?? Hope you are as beautiful as your heart. J I’m sure that all you have heard about MSM beauty subscription box.


MSM is a monthly subscription box which offers a range of skincare, haircare and makeup products samples from popular brands like Kama, Innisfree, Sephora, Fuschia and many more. If you want to know other Beauty Subscription Boxes, then you have to see here and here.

Subscription Mode

  • MSM Express Box-INR 495 a month,
  • MSM Select Box-INR 995 a month,
  • MSM Diva box-INR 1995,
  • MSM Bulldawg 2.0  (Man subscription box, INR 1,495 ) and
  • a new box called BYOB (Build Your Own Box) in which MSM gives you the power to create your own customized box . For BYOB, add products of your choice worth INR 1,500 or more, apply code MSMXII to receive = Your customized box + INR 500 off + 1 surprise product + Free Shipping. . You can book the box here

As MSM Box completed successfully one year of their subscription on September 2015, that’s why to celebrate their anniversary with awesome contests named “MSMXII”. You can log on , participate in different contests runs by MSM Box and win awesome beauty and lifestyle products.

Now, we’ll begin to below that what’s in my MSM Box September 2015 Edition:-


When I opened the box, awesome fragrance comes out..Smells like ayurveda 🙂  All products are at good condition.. NO leakage or damaged products are there in it..


FUSHCHIA Lavender Foot Salts (50gm)

I got full size product of it. Its MRP is INR 225. Sea salts infused with Dead Sea minerals, Epsom salt, Himalayan salt with essential oil are natural ingredients which rejuvenate and keep your skin supple, light and radiant.

How to use

Scrub gently for exfoliation .Use 20-30gms of salt in Luke warm water for Foot. Moisturize afterwards with foot cream.

FUSHCHIA Peppermint Pedicare Nourishing Foot Cream (100gm)

Again I got the full size product of same brand- FUSHCHIA. Its MRP is INR 450. When I open it, awesome peppermint fragrance comes out. It has white creamish texture and when apply, gives very soothing cool effect on feet. It is an effective formula that prevents cracks and splits. Free of Parabens, phthalates, petroleum base, artificial tints and synthetic perfumes. ( that’s makes me happyyyyy J )

How to use

Apply little foot cream gently on feet in a circular motion.


Soultree Shower Gel With Amla, Aloe & Manjishtha (200ml)

This is the third full product which I got in this box. Its MRP is INR 250. Its Parabens and SLS/SLES free… (Yuppieeeee…)

How to use

While showering; use a gel with a natural loofah or a bath sponge and rinse. It’s gentle enough to repeated and everyday use.

KRONOKARE Fabulous Fit Body Lotion Caribbean Ginger (35ml) –

I received sample size of it. I also got this lotion from my past Fabbag. Its MRP is INR 115, whereas Full size bottle of 60 ml costs INR 250.This product is also Parabens and SLS/SLES free and having amazing heavenly fragrance. Love the fragrance…mmmmm..:*

How to use

Spread generously from head to toe, rejoice in the natural glow. Go on rub-it-in.

Accessory Funk

OMG!! It’s a Dream catcher earring. It’s having lovely design and awesome feathery colors. It’s a single earring cost INR 250.

Other than these awesome products, I got two “BONUS” beauty products. These are-


CLARINS Pearl-to-cream Brightening cleanser

– It is having pearlish creamy texture with awesome fragrance. (Opps!! Price not mention anywhere on the tube.)

How to use

Work up generous leather and apply with circular motions to a damp face and neck. Rinse with cool water in the morning and warm water at night. Avoid the eye contour area.

Oil Bloating Paper

A made from old traditional Japanese “mino-washi paper”. Strong adsorbing excess facial oil. Natural ingredients are gentle on sensitive skin. The pack contains 100 sheets. (Price is also not mention anywhere on the pack.)

How to use

For shiny face, pick a sheet up and press gently but firmly on face to absorb any excess oil. Can be used before or after makeup.

So, if I total the beauty products with the price of the box. It can be –

250 + 225 + 450 + 115 + 250 = INR 1290 😀

Box costs = 495 – 1,290 = 795 + 2 bonus products Freeeee.. (Oh yeah!!)

msm-exp-box September 2015

So, over all MSM September 2015 Edition was rocking. Got three full size (actually four, including Dream catcher Earring) products, one sample product and two bonus.

I personally recommended subscribing the MSM Box if you love surprises and awesome beauty and lifestyle products.

“P.S. This is not paid review. This is my personal and genuine review.”

All About AYORMA Fairness and Anti-Tan Face Wash


Hello wonderful princesses, Today I’m going to review about AYORMA’s one of the most famous product- “SPA- Fairness and Anti-Tan Face Wash”.

I recently get to know about this product when my August Fabbag 2015 Edition sends me this and Spa scrub as a sample product. Believe me; I just got drooled about the fragrance and result of these both products. That’s why I ordered Full size product again from www.fabbag.com with 5% discount. You can also order Spa products from here.


About AYORMA Fairness and Anti-Tan Face Wash –

Ayorma is perfect blend of Aromatherapy & Ayurveda. Ayorma help you maximize your beauty & well being while minimizing your exposure to potentially harmful ingredients like parabens & others. Ayorma Spa Fairness and Anti-tan Face wash claims that “get a spa like experience at your home.” For this facewash, you will get a tan-free, fair and glowing skin with the unique combination of skin whitening globules + natural extracts.

It’s crafted from:

  • Licorice and Curcuma Extracts- To remove tan and reduce melanin production.
  • Orange Peel Oil- For deep exfoliation and skin rejuvenation.
  • French Lavender oil and Honey- To smooth and moisturize your skin.
  • Egyptian Geranium Oil- For skin toning and imparting a natural glow.



Aqua, Aloe Vera (Gritkumari Ark), Milli Globuleswith Licorice extracts, Glycerin, Lavender Oil, Orange Peel Extract ( Santra Chal Ark) and Oil, Tea tree oil, Geranium oil, Honey ( Kshodra), Curcuma Estract (Amba Halad Ark), SLES, PEG-6000, Menthol, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Carbopol Aqua SF-1 & Perfume.


Ayorma Spa Fairness and Anti-tan Face wash comes in a cute transparent tube in which pale orangish thick liquid with green coloured skin whitening globules which are visible through the tube.


The price of Ayorma Spa Fairness and Anti-tan Face wash 100gm is INR 349.

Directions To Use-

Moisten face and squeeze a small quantity of facewash onto palm. Massage gently on face and neck. Leave on for 30 seconds .Wash off and pat dry. Use twice daily.

My Experience

– For Ayorma Spa Fairness and Anti-tan Face wash, I have no words to describe how awesome this product is. The whitening globules are very effective. When it bursts on the skin, It gives you cool and relaxing effect + detanning the skin + gives you fairer and fresh face after every wash when you use it. I’m just getting fond of it.

PROs of AYORMA Fairness and Anti-Tan Face Wash –

  • Gives you cool and fairer skin after every wash.
  • Easy to use.
  • Containing some natural ingredients.
  • No damage on skin.
  • Gives awesome sensation on skin
  • Leaves only fairer skin.
  • Removes tanning and excessive oil.
  • Not dry the skin.
  • It has a gel base which is nice.

CONs of AYORMA Fairness and Anti-Tan Face Wash –

  • The tube is so flexible, so fear of leakage during travelling.
  • Non availability in local market. For online buying, Fabbag, Amazon and Flipcart are the only options.
  • Containing SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulphate) and chemicals. 🙁


Should I Repurchase It?

Of course, I’m a big fan of it and I’ll definitely gonna repurchase it.


Beautypedia Rating-

4.5 out of 5 (-0.5 for the presence SLES and chemicals)

Beauty Subscription Boxes Available In India – Part 2

Whether you’re a glamour girl looking to sample the hottest beauty products or a lifestyle or jewellery savvy, there are plenty of fabulous monthly subscription boxes you’re sure to love. With continuing our “Beauty Subscription Boxes Available In India – Part 1“, just gotta know other monthly subscription boxes that are definitely worth checking out.


Embellishment Box


Embellishment Box is a monthly subscription box containing a mix of beautiful and in trend fashion jewellery. Surprise yourself or gift a loved one, it will brighten up your outfit like nothing else. Go on and get that sparkle!  Each Embellishment Box will contain an assortment of 4 different fashion jewellery pieces. We ship our boxes around 27th of every month.

Introducing ‘Mini Embellishment Box’. It is a monthly subscription box for the little girl containing pretty hair bands, hair clips and adorable fashion accessories. Why shouldn’t little princesses have fun too?!

Website- www.embellishmentbox.com

How It works-


Mode of Subscription of Embellishment Box – 

  • 1 Month- Rs. 1200/-
  • 3 Months- Rs. 3,300/-
  • 6 Months- Rs. 6,000/-
  • 12 Months- Rs. 12,000/-


Mode of Subscription of Mini Embellishment Box –

  • 1 Month- Rs. 750/-
  • 3 Months- Rs. 3,100/-
  • 6 Months- Rs. 3,900-
  • 12 Months- Rs. 7,500/-


Pincbox is India’s first lingerie subscription service. The process of buying lingerie in India today raises brows and frowns amongst any women in India. They are so uncomfortable going through this subject that it has become a chore in their minds. Something that they do want to do but have to it. One of my closest friends is plus in size and she goes through this ignominy regularly when she goes out shopping. She always gets an answer “We do not have this size ma’am” at a discomforting frequency. We also spoke to other women around us and also came to know that the smaller stores always has male salesman which made it very difficult to our audience to transact there. Most shops do not keep all the sizes and smaller shops have male salesmen making it really difficult for a woman to convey what she really needs and often postponing the experience. You apply for a subscription of your choice and relax. This gets delivered at our home in a tamper proof package in a concealed manner.

Website- www.pincbox.com


Monthly Subscription – A pack of 3 assorted panties (briefs) in prints and solids that will certainly serve as a welcome addition to your lingerie collection. Featuring attractive print, these panties are perfect for everyday wear. This comfy hiphugger is naturally sexy in silky-soft, stretchy cotton. It’s our most-loved everyday panty. In lots of colors and pretty prints, our cotton undies ensure your lingerie drawer is anything but ordinary.
Mid rise
Full back coverage
Imported cotton/elastane


Subscription mode-

  • 1 month- INR 229
  • 3 months- INR 849
  • 6 months- INR 1,559
  • 1 Year- INR 3,149. You can buy this box from here.

Your box

YourBox India is a monthly subscription box brand which is situated in Delhi, India. Yourbox India forward to creating a new trend- where in this world people cannot find even a single item for their outfit in INR 1499/- and INR 899/-, we promise you a complete outfit.
It is customised to your preferences.
An in house specialist will carefully pick items for your outfit based on the form that you will fill, and carefully package them in a box which will further be delivered at your doorstep.

Website- www.yourboxindia.com

yourbox india_subscription_box_in_india


Subscription mode– YourBox 1,400 per month and YourBox mini- INR 899 per month. You can order the box here


Being Juliet- Period Box

This is one unique box- with such a lovely concept of period supplies & comfort.
‘Being Juliet’ is for all females, who want to pamper themselves during those days, Team ‘Being Juliet’ will send you your monthly supplies 5 days prior to your cycle to ensure you don’t have to look for last minute trips.
you can customize your selection of 20 pads/tampons/panty liners & to lift your mood with each pack we send you few thoughtful gifts & other goodies every month, month on month, 5 days prior to your cycle at your door steps!! Rashi Bajaj created Being Juliet, a unique portal launched with the sole objective of pampering ladies during their monthly cycle.

Website- www.beingjuliet.com


They deliver a box in which all your sanitary needs come beautifully packaged. You can pick your own box to include 20 pieces of pads, tampons and liners from your preferred brand. It also contains handpicked gifts including earrings, duppattas and, bangles. Plus, soothing herbal teas, handmade soaps and even pot pourri to add cheer to the office desk. Lovely thing is awesome customer care, manageable monthly sanitary, skip a month plan and awesome goodies 🙂 🙂


Subscription Mode– Quarterly (INR 1,650), 6 monthly (INR 3,300) and Yearly (INR 6,600). You can subscribe the box here


Gia Bath And Body Works

The packaging is really cute- an eco-friendly box with a cut-out from which your name is peeping out. That’s basically the info card peeping from inside. There’s another card in there with all the information and prices you’d need about the contents of the box.


So you get 5 deluxe sized products inside (anything above 10mL is a deluxe sample). The box may also contain other gifts from time to time. What’s most interesting is that all products in subscription boxes are exclusive to the boxes, and you have access to the full sized products only as a subscriber. Subscription box orders are taken upto the 10th of a month, and dispatch happens around the 20th of the month.

Website- www.giabathandbodyworks.in


Subscription Mode : INR 695 for 1 month. You can buy it from here.

‘O My Bag’ from Natural Bath & Body Products

The O My bag brings you the freedom to experience and experiment with our wide range of products so that you can find your best fit. Think of it as embarking on a delightful journey of helping your body find its perfect wellness and beauty partner! – As Natural Bath & Body says.
It’s is not a subscription bag but you can order a specifically designed bag for the month through their order cart.
Pretty bag full of assorted (deluxe & retail size) goodies from the brand.

Website- www.naturalbathindia.com


Subscription Mode– INR 299 for a month. You can order the bag here


The Red Box

This is also a very new launched beauty subscription box from July 2015. The RedBox aims at making the world more stylish place, one accessory at a time. This box provides you largest collection of stunning, on-trend fashion and lifestyle accessories at highly pocket-friendly prices.

Website- theredbox.co.in


Subscription mode– INR 999 per month. You can order your REDBOX here.


Scent Box

SCENTBOX™ allows you to explore & try the very latest fragrance launches from the comfort of your own home or office. SCENTBOX™ allows you to explore & try the very latest fragrance launches from the comfort of your own home or office. For just Rs 55 per tester, each edition comes with 3 fragrance samples for you to test as well as promotional vouchers so you can make some big savings on all the scents featured in the SCENTBOX™. 

This is also not a subscription but a simple sampling service of perfumes. It’s too good that you don’t have to splurge before trying and hence no purchase regrets later.
Website- www.allgoodscents.com


Subscription/Order Mode– You needs to pay INR 165 for each Box. You can order the box here


Zotiqq Box

Zotiqq box is India’s First Jewelry subscription box. It is an online fashion jewelry subscription in sync with the latest trends, at your doorsteps.
The whole Idea & project is a brainchild of a beauty blogger herself, Ritu Rajput founder of www.theindianbeauty.com.
Website- www.zotiqq.com


Subscription Mode

  • Monthly (INR 1000),
  • Quarterly (INR 2800),
  • Half Yearly (INR 5200),
  • Annual (10000). You can subscribe your box here.


The Little Bauble Box

After Zotiqq jewelry subscription box, this is another jewelry subscription box coming in India. TLBB – a team of experienced Fashion professionals and tech geniuses – instead of simply imagining – set about actually making this happen in reality ‘The Little Bauble Box’ (TLBB).

TLBB is your ultimate personal jewelry stylist. TLBB team of fashion stylists bring to you a curated collection of designer jewelry from all over the world and provide you with a selection that is based on your personal style and preferences.

Every TLBB box brings you a non-stop rotating supply of latest curated fashion accessories that are handpicked by our stylists to fit your style and preferences and an opportunity to experiment – delivered right to your doorstep! Return each unique TLBB box to receive another equally unique TLBB box in return and keep fuelling your passion for style.

Note- “ (Currently available only within Mumbai. Coming soon to other cities)”

Website- thelittlebaublebox.com


Subscription mode– 1 month- INR 1,999 , 3 months- INR 4,999 , 6 months – 8,999 and annual subscription is for INR 15,999. You can grab this box here.


So, these are the best and recent Beauty Boxes Available in India.

Please share your views about these subscription boxes. 🙂 <3

Beauty Subscription Boxes Available In India – Part 1

“Monthly subscription box” is a great way to experience luxury beauty items from the comfort of your home. The main idea behind these subscription boxes is so that you can try expensive product samples and make up your mind before purchasing and spending your money over the full-sized products. The feeling when you receive the box is amazing and it’s like a “gift from us to us”. If you want to pamper yourself then you should definitely try one of the subscription boxes that is a “box full of surprises”. Let’s check in detail about the boxes available in India.

Beauty Subscription Boxes In India

Happiness Caged

Happiness Caged is a monthly cage full of beauty,lifestyle and fashion products curated just for you.
Every month our handpicked brands will leave you awestruck as they bring to you happiness in a wonderful cage. Every month the cages will be of different shape,material and decor and will have a unique about the personalized touch!



Mode of Subscription-


You can book your happiness caged from here.

Fab Bag

The Fab Bag is the most popular of all the beauty bags. This bag is very affordable in prise and having awesome and amazing beauty products- mix of beauty to makeup products, 3 deluxe sizes from Indian to exotic brands. Packed in attractive & unique multi-utility bags with a unique theme every month. They are maintaining the fabulous quality and service..Hats off.. It has shopping section too from where one can later shop the full size products too.

WebSite- www.fabbag.com


Subscription mode-

  • monthly (INR 599),
  • Quarterly (INR 1,499) (Most Popular),
  • Bi-annual (INR 2,699) &
  • yearly (INR 4,799).

Honestly, if you subscribe annually, then you’ll get awesome extra products and power to choose your choice of one product out of 3-4 via e-mail. Awesome … 🙂 If you refer the Fab Bag to your friend, then you’ll get one month subscription bag absolutely FREE. You can book the bag here


Recently it has started Men’s FAB BAG too which is gaining popularity in Indian Men. You can subscribe the bag here.


MSM means MY STYLE MILE. The Chief Editor and Founder of beauty Magazine MyStyleMile.com – Ms. Bindu started the MSM Box in October 2014. with a motto- ‘a lot in a little’. It contains beauty full size products or samples with super cool and awesome “bonus” products and fashion accessories like earrings, necklace, scarf, etc. Among these products MSM also offers discount coupons of spa, saloon, etc.

Subscription Mode

  • MSM express Box-INR 495 a month,
  • MSM select Box-INR 995 a month,
  • MSM Diva box-INR 1995,
  • MSM Bulldawg 2.0 (Man subscription box, INR 1,495 ) and
  • A new box called BYOB (Build Your Own Box) in which MSM gives you the power to create your own customized box . For BYOB, add products of your choice worth INR 1,500 or more, apply code MSMXII to receive = Your customized box + INR 500 off + 1 surprise product + Free Shipping. . You can book the box here.



This is the latest beauty subscription box available from September 2015. Lady Raga is an exclusive store that offers monthly subscription plans full of surprises for all the gorgeous ladies out there. Here, you can get monthly dose of your favourite beauty products, jewellery, lifestyle and other fashion accessories at your door steps to paper yourself and beautify your wardrobe. This September, they add up in their box with their Star Product + Two Full Size Makeup Products + Two Pieces of Trendy Jewelry +Welcome Gift for Each New Subscriber. They are not having fix pattern of sending products in box or in purse like other subscription box do so. They’ll have full of surprises about their irregular pattern box purse/ box / bag, anything. They are not only confined in beauty products but also add up the fashion accessories and lifestyle.

  • Subscribers will receive 3 to 5 sample or full sized products from reputed national and international brands.
  • The products may involve the combination of jewellery, lifestyle, beauty products and other fashion accessories.
  • Free Shipping throughout India.
  • Charges may apply on Cash On Delivery.


ladyraga subscription box

Subscription mode


You can book your subscription here.


My Envy Box

One of the Beauty Bag subscriptions which delivers beauty products from luxury brands. Subscriber gets 5 product samples from prestige brands which if loved, can be purchased in full-size from the site boutique. The Envy box most of times sent scents samples more than the other beauty products and also belongs to international brands so might be sometimes feel like not so much variety of beauty products we are getting.. But it’s cute box snatches our heart always. 🙂

Website- www.myenvybox.com


Subscription Mode

  • Monthly (INR 850),
  • Quarterly (INR 2250),
  • six-monthly (INR 4350),
  • Annual (INR 8500). You can book the box here



What can I say about this box? One word- WOWWWW !! It contains the latest international offerings in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and gourmet products at your doorstep, every month .Offers unique variants of the box every time, current variants- Sugarbox Launch Box ,Christmas Sugarbox, High Street Edition, Valentine edition, Beach Edition, Girls Night in Edition, Spring Edition, Red Carpet Edition, Monsoon Edition, Hot Mess Edition, Pepperbox- Men’s Edition and now latest- DESI POP EDITION.

I love this box coz I wonder how many awesome and full sized products like bag, flip flops, selfiestick, tees or many more items comes in a lil’ cute ribbon box with a tag- “SPOIL YOURSELF SILLY” 😀

Its’ lil heavy of your pocket, but if international brands are here, then not to fear. 😉
Website- www.sugarbox.in


Subscription Mode

  • Monthly (INR 1,499),
  • Quarterly (INR 4,197),
  • half yearly plan (INR 7,794),
  • Yearly (INR 14,388). You can book your subscription here.

sugarbox_subscription _in_india

Only one cone of Sugarbox is, once revealed the Edition, then they increase their box price from 1,400 to 1,899..



Again one of the popular beauty bag! Cruelty free and vegan beauty products of the The Nature’s Co, inspired by elements Nature- Air, Sun, Earth, Forest & Water. The brand started with the concept of Beauty Wish Box (bag) to introduce the goodness of brand in sample sizes- 5 deluxe size + 1 retail size product in an attractive Bag along with 35% discount voucher and some complimentary goodies. Again you can avail the discount while shopping your favourites after trying, from the site.

I personally don’t’ like it so much because the sample size is so small and they only send their own   TNC’s products so not get chance to introduce or use new brand products. I’ve subscription plan  of 6 months but personally not feeling as worthy as other subscription boxes.( only in my opinion)

Website- www.thenaturesco.com


Subscription Mode-

  • Monthly (INR 595),
  • Quarterly (INR 1,645),
  • Half Yearly (INR 3,215) &
  • Yearly (INR 5,950). You can subscribe for the box here

P.S. As surprisingly we have many other subscription boxes available in India, so this  post is continued in Beauty Subscription Boxes Available in India Part-2