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How to do mini Facial or clean up of face at home !!!


Hello my beautiful princesses,

A healthy skin leads to make ourselves self-confident. Time to time we exfoliate/ clean our skin in healthy ways by which we maintain our personality as well as beautiful skin. Today, I’m going to tell you all about easy and simple steps of doing mini facial or cleanup at home without spending a lot of money on facials at parlour as well as facial kits. For the mini facial or cleanup of face, we require following things-

ü  A hair band of cloth or plastic

ü  A small towel

ü  Cotton or soft cloth

ü  A face wash or good quality cleanser

ü  Face Bleach (optional)

ü  Scrubber

ü  Blackhead removing tool (optional)

ü  Moisturizing massage cream

ü  Face pack

ü  Daily moisturizing Face cream

The mini facial is very simple. Don’t get scared to see the list. Just follow the simple steps.

So, here we go…



The first step is cleaning your face because if we start our facial directly on the unclean surface of skin, result would get not as desirable as we want. Put hair band to tie up your hairs, because you don’t want to fair your hairs…right!!! 😀 I usually clean the face with Ponds’ whitening face wash. If you have good cleanser, then you can also go for it. But remember…

v  The quantity of face wash/ cleanser should be small.

v  The time taken to cleaning the face should be 1 or 2 minutes maximum.

v  Clean the face with face wash / cleanser with enough quantity of water.

v  Clean face, not to forget to clean your ears and neck.

After washing the face, either press gently your face with clean, dry and soft towel or let it dry naturally. Meanwhile, prepare for STEP 2.



This step is optional because if you have 5-10 minutes extra from your busy schedule and wanna put bleach for fair skin, then go for this step. I prefer Fem bleach (with saffron – fair skin). You can use any bleach which suits your skin type. Bleach is only fair your facial hairs by burn them, that’s why you feel little burning sensation, irritation or some gets redness. So always check bleach before putting directly on the face. When my face is getting naturally dry, I start preparing mixture by 2 scoops of Fem bleach cream with a pinch of activator. But remember-

v  The quantity of activator should be small or pinch because if you add more activator, your skin will feel burning or causing more irritation.

v  If you feel extreme irritation, remove the bleach immediately.

v  The time taken for bleaching is 5-10 minutes.

v  Avoid bleach near the eyes, eyebrows, lips, ears and hairs.

v  Put bleach cream evenly on face as well as neck area.

 After 5-10 minutes, the bleaching cream getting dry then firstly you start cleaning gently your face and neck via wet cotton balls. When bleach cream removes completely, then one more time wash your face with water. Dry your face with soft towel. Take rest your face for 2-3 minutes before go to STEP 3 because your skin is little irritating. If you start immediately STEP 3, then you feel awesome burnness on face. So wait for 2-3 minutes.



Scrub only meant for removes the dirt and opens your clogged pores. I use Himalaya’s apricot face scrub because its scrubber particles are small and gentle on face. You can go for Inatur strawberry scrub or Nivea scrub for smooth and gentle skin. I use scrub after bleach because the bleach cream may covers all pores of my skin and for healthy skin; we need to open our clogged pores for breathing our skin.

v  Scrub particles should be small because large particles may hurt your baby soft skin.

v  Time taken for scrub should be 5-6 minutes.

v  Always take sufficient amount of scrub and put lots of water while scrubbing. If you scrub with little amount of water or with no water, the scrub particles gives rashes to your baby skin.

v  Always move your fingers in circular motion. By this, you will easily open all clogged pores.

v  Scrub face, ears as well as neck also. Don’t put scrub on your eyelashes.

After scrubbing, wash for face gently and dry your face and neck with soft towel. If you have black or white heads on your nose, then this is the right time to remove them because in this time, your skin becomes very soft. Use black heads removing tool. If you don’t have this tool, then squeeze little your nose to remove them or scrub little your nose with dry towel. You will easily remove your black or white heads.


After scrubbing, your pores are now opens. So for relaxing the skin, I use Joy fruit moisturizing massage cream. You can use any moisturizing massage cream which suits your skin.

v  Use plenty moisturizing massage cream and put gently over face, neck and ears till it gets absorbed by the skin.

v  Let rest your skin for 5 minutes. After that, use little amount of water and again start rub your face. This will help your skin buttery and glossy.

v  After 2-3 minutes, wash the moisturizing cream and let dry your face naturally.


Face pack helps to smoothing our skin as well as it stretches our skin in correct way. I prefer Himalaya’s mud face pack or Sea soul mud face pack.

v  Put a thin layer of face pack all over your face and neck. Avoid eye ball, eyebrows and lips areas. If you put face pack on your lips, it converts your lips dry. If you put it very near to eyebrows and eye ball area, face pack gives them wrinkles.

v  While putting face pack don’t smile or move your jaw muscles because it gives wrinkles to your face.

v  After drying the face pack, wash your face and neck gently and removes the pack with circular motion. This movement helps your facial skin relaxation from tightness and helps easily removing the face pack.

v  Pat dry your face and neck with soft towel.

beautypedia_facial wash


This is the last step of mini facial or clean up of the face. Never forget to apply moisturizing face cream after facial because face cream works wonder for smooth, buttery and glossy skin. It works icing on the cake. I use Inveda moisturizing face cream. You can use your daily face cream.

Time taken for whole process is 20-30 minutes. You can shorten this time period by skipping the STEP 2 that is BLEACHING.

Hope this article helps you to get flawless, healthy and beautiful skin. If you get any queries about facials, please ask me freely…

Lots of love…