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Make Your MakeUp DIY Products!!


Harsh chemicals in your makeup products can completely ruin your skin. The better way to protect your skin from this mess is to simply go with nature and stay organic as much you can. Building a proper skin routine and strictly following it is a must if you have great skin goals. It’s so important to look at the proper ingredients before trying out any makeup product on your skin. Most of the products come along with chemicals used as preservatives like parabens which are extremely harmful to your skin.


Here we avoiding those chemical-based products and recommend you to go for a complete organic skin routine which works great without damaging your skin even a bit. Here’s the better alternative for your makeup products that is all natural and fresh.

1. Beetroot Blush All Organic:


Beetroot is a magical vegetable for your skin and health benefits. If taken in your diet for longer time, it can make your skin glow from within and will improve your skin texture as well. If a slice of beetroot is rubbed gently on the apples of your cheeks, it will make your skin glow like a star that’s the simplest and cheapest blush you can use. Without a trace of chemical, your organic blush will make your skin pinkish just like you wanted.


2. Olive Oil As Makeup Remover:


Use olive oil for removing makeup from all your face and moisturizing it at the same time. If you are oily skinned beauty don’t stress at all about using oils as it will not cause any breakout instead helps in reduction of oil production from your skin. And its makeup removing capabilities are impeccable.


3. Homemade Black Liner:

Mix some activated charcoal for black colour or cocoa powder for the brown liner. Mix it with Vaseline petroleum jelly which is super hydrating for skin and store the mixture in a small jar. Your gel liner is ready to add up in your stock.


4. Natural Homemade Foundation:


Mix arrowroot powder with nutmeg and cocoa powder. Mix it with coconut or almond oil which will keep your skin hydrated and helps it in glowing from within. Mix the entire mixture and store it safely. You can decide the quantity on the basis of your skin tone. You can make changes in the ingredients until you get a foundation matching your skin colour the most. The product is all organic and you can store it for 2-3 months and can prepare a fresher stock afterward.


Even if you are buying any makeup or skincare product you should see the ingredient list carefully, look for paraben free and products made of all organic active ingredients which gives you great skin without any damage.


This article is written by Pooja Sharma, Fashion and lifestyle writer at Baggout.com which is an online recommendation engine for the girls in the age group 16-30, where you can choose from the best products that suit you the most which are chosen by the top stylists from the top retailers.


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