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Hello to all my precious princesses,

Hope you all are as gorgeous as your heart.

Yesterday, I reviewed my first Skin18 product i.e. Luke Mugwort Nose Cleansing Strip  and here comes the another product of Skin18 sheet mask I received – “Four Season Multi Vita Brightening Active Mask”. After using it, I was keen to share my experience. Keep reading if you want to know how it gives result on me 🙂


Packaging –

As usual, “Four Season Multi Vita Brightening Active Mask” also comes in a travel friendly package, which can be tear off easily. Packaging looks very attractive. Background is pale yellow in color and cute fairies embellished on the package.



 $0.95 | INR 63.58 | Buy it HERE



  1 sheet mask with 23 ml serum



Inside’s Story-

When I tear the packet, I got one mask sheet with full of overloaded thick liquid. It smells very yummy. It comes in round shape with holes of eyes, nose and lips. Its very adjustable so well sets on my face.

How to use it-  After cleansing and toning well, I applied the mask. Due to overloaded essence liquid, I had to sit quietly (usually i do some other work while putting mask on) and relax for 20 minutes. As summers are going on, so cooling effect gives me awesome feeling. I saw that inside the sachet, still some essence left so I applied it on my hands, neck and little on ankles. After 20 minutes, when i feel it little dried, I removed the mask and massage for sometime till it absorbed.


My experience –

After massaging well, I rinsed my face as i feel little “chip-chip” (due to combination skin). I feel my face got flawless brightening, soft and smooth. As I applied it last night, the next morning i.e. today, I feel less glow as compared to yesterday. It means its awesomely working on one day, so take care the time when apply.


1) Sheet mask at affordable price

2) Gives a glow to skin

3) Rich in moisture

4) Highly enriched with serum

5) Inexpensive

6) Hydrates and Brightens Face

7) Very relaxing

8) Soothing



1) Might feel heavy for oily skin

2) One day glow only notice by me



This sheet mask is a great choice when it comes to weekend pampering. It softens skin and makes it supple and fresh. It can brighten dull face anytime. Since it’s affordable, you won’t be disappointed!



Thank you Skin18.com for sending me this product.



This product is sent to me by skin18.com but all my thoughts and views expressed about this product here are honest and genuine.