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What’s in my Sugarbox- Summer Romance Edition 2016?


Hello to all my princesses,

I’m back again! In this summer, Sun is also gonna kinda romantic and flirty with us. In this heat, even our “so called” sunscreen with SPF and scarf not working properly and we also look awesome because sun’s heat can’t ruin our personality…We wanna look stylish, chick, gorgeous, awesome, attractive, fashionable. So, what should we do now? All problems? ONE SOLUTION- SUGARBOX

Sugarbox makes this thing simple. Sugarbox – Summer Romance Edition 2016 is the answer of all problems. Sugarbox is the first subscription box who doesn’t believe in sending samples. Sugarbox always send full sized products.  It contains the latest international offerings in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and gourmet products at your doorstep, every month .Offers unique variants of the box every time, current variants- Sugarbox Launch Box ,Christmas Sugarbox, High Street Edition, Valentine edition, Beach Edition, Girls Night in Edition, Spring Edition, Red Carpet Edition, Monsoon Edition, Hot Mess Edition, Pepperbox- Men’s Edition, Desi Pop Edition, Bomb Edition, Anniversary Edition, Holiday Edition, Picnic Couch Edition, Date night Edition, and now latest SUMMER ROMANCE EDITION.

I love this box coz I wonder how many awesome and full sized products like bag, flip flops, selfiestick, tees or many more items comes in a lil’ cute ribbon box with a tag- “SPOIL YOURSELF SILLY” 😀

Its’ lil heavy of your pocket, but if international brands are here, then not to fear. 😉

 This summer, have a romance with yourself. Sugarbox provide you all you need to dress up in flirty spring attire. So what are you waiting for? Flaunt the love!


So, now just Unboxing Sugarbox- Summer Romance Edition 2016…Check it out-

You Get:

1)Rose gold Headband- 

This is lovely stretchable stylish headband which suits all of us makes us fashionable. Just open your hair and tie this lovely rose gold headband. I bet everyone get jealous and regret why they don’t have it. Its MRP is Rs 350.


2) Tang Juice Mix –

Sugarbox always send some food items in every edition. In this summer, we all need instant energy for getting rid of lethargic feeling and dehydration. Sugarbox providing us Tang Juice Mix which not only quench our thrust but also gets us relief from this hot environment and we’ll go “chill-pill babe”. Its MRP is Rs 125.


3) Chic fedora hat –

 OMG!! Nothing is more stylish and protective like fedora hat. It’s awesome and fashionable. The quality is also great. I’m very happy to have it. I got brown color fedora hat with black ribbon on it. Its MRP is Rs 550


4) Charming charm bracelets –

Which girl in this universe don’t having the secret love of charming bracelets? I love bracelets because they look so pretty and charming. Thank you Sugarbox for providing me such a cute bracelet. This bracelet contains golden base with cute pearl, sandal, no.5 embellished in it, which enhances its beauty. Its MRP is Rs 650


5) Off shoulder ruffle top –

 Wow, crop top. It’s hot pinkish-red in color. It’s an off shoulder ruffle top which is best for this summer. Kinda pretty…haan?? Its MRP is Rs 650


6) Gold Chain tote bag –

Oh!! I love bags, and this one is soooooo adorable. Telling you all true princesses, the quality of this Gold Chain tote bag is outstanding and it’s so gorgeous to taking with me out. Fall in love with it. The tote bag is lil’ creamish in color. Its MRP is Rs 1450


Dear Sugarbox, how you arrange all these great stuff in one magical box? Hats off…!!

7) Pumpskin face wash (60ml) –

Last product I got is Pumpskin face wash. It is made from pumpkin and other natural ingredients which makes our skin more supple and hydrated. It’s pale yellow in color and smells adorable. Its MRP is Rs 250


SO, this is it.

My Experience-

All products in this time are so adorable. The total Value of whole box is Rs 4025 But Sugarbox providing you all products in 1899/- only. So, you gonna save Rs 2126. Wow!! Isn’t sounds great. So go and grab your Sugarbox- Summer Romance Edition 2016 NOW…You can get this Edition from here


Beautypedia Rating- 5/5